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Businesses must be located within the boundaries of the North Bay Village. Businesses eligible for this program would typically use or distribute single-use plastic materials to consumers. Examples of types of single-use plastic materials include plastic straws, plastic bags, takeout containers, coffee cups, etc.

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If you're ready to make a change, we can help your business achieve its plastic-free goals.

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Certification Registration

Level One

This level applies to businesses that have removed plastic straws or plastic bags.

Level Two

This level applies to businesses that have removed plastic straws, plastic bags and one more item from the list of eligible items.

Level Three

This level applies to businesses that have removed all single-use plastic products from the list of eligible materials and/or switched over to 100% reusable.

Which level of certification are you interested in? *
Note that your business must provide proof of alternative items for the selected level of certification either through a visual inspection, invoices, or receipts of items. Please contact us if you have questions on which level would work best for your business.

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Would you be interested in sharing your experience on plastic reduction and alternatives with the city and other businesses? Your story will be used for research purposes and could be featured on NBV or social media.